Welcome To The Plan

The Little Company Behind Some of The World's Biggest Success Stories
Tucked away in small, virtual offices worldwide, our small publishing company is quietly changing lives all around the world with our educational training programs.
Our talented team cares about & supports our students as if they were our family members.

We call our company, “The Plan”...

...because, whether it's cryptocurrency, artificial intelligence, or other topics...

We've found that HAVING A PLAN is what enables us and our students to see massive success in all areas of life.

3 Programs, 130+ Countries, 16,000+ Happy Students.

It all started with our founder, Dan Hollings’ relentless focus on results. You see, Dan Hollings began his entrepreneurial career back in the late '90s when he helped grow The Secret book and film into a global phenomenon. He then turned his marketing talents into Amazon FBA and numerous other ways to grow businesses online.

But in 2016, Dan's world came crashing down. Lured by promises of easy profits, he lost over $100,000 in the crypto markets.

Most would chalk it up as an expensive lesson and move on. But Dan became obsessed with cracking the code to crypto success.

After months spent dissecting the market dynamics and testing trading strategies, Dan struck hypothetical “gold” with crypto for the very first time.
Word quickly spread amongst Dan's friends & family.

Those friends told their friends -

Who told their friends. And shortly thereafter, hundreds of students were asking for access to Dan's methods.

Thus, The Plan was born. Dan created the first of his educational training programs, teaching said methods.

That snowball has continued to grow... and now, within just three short years, The Plan has spread to over 130 countries, with 16,000+ students enrolled in our numerous training programs.

For two industries that are often plagued with hype, false promises, and shiny objects - crypto and the course industry - The Plan delivers a level of quality and success to its students that is unheard of.

The Plan's Mission & Approach

The Plan is upfront that its training programs can't promise you'll become an overnight millionaire. As Dan cautions, "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is".

The Plan's Mission Is Simple:

Enable ordinary folks to create businesses or income streams — in hands-off, predictable ways — regardless of experience, technical skills, or location.

We take a slower, "scenic route" inside of our educational training programs and teach fundamentals & safety first.

This enables our students to see sustainable, realistic results for the long-term, rather than quick, short-lived results that they often find with other programs. We believe skills are best learned through organized learning pathways.

The Plan's numerous courses condense decades of experience into step-by-step training tailored to different learning styles.

Proven Strategies

Our strategies are researched exhaustively before being packaged into courses.


We re-invest heavily into improving our curriculum so that our courses are always up to date.

Exceptional Support

We provide fast, 24/7 support to our members with every question answered by humans who don’t cut and paste but take the time to read & answer specific questions. 


We run a LIVE monthly TV show for our members to stay up to date.


We have an R&D team on staff to improve our trainings ongoing.


We're committed to equipping members with evolving best practices for the long haul.

Grid Bot Gold

Our First Program  ·  Earn Passive Income With Dans Famous 'Do Nothing' Strategy

Grid Bot Gold was The Plan's first course, published in 2021.

It teaches Dan's signature "Do Nothing" crypto trading approach, which aims to generate passive income from market volatility.

It’s unique in the sense that, instead of generating profit from elusive crypto moonshots, this core concept focuses on using "grid bots" to trade the sideways "wiggle" or volatility of the cryptocurrency market. Dan's "Wiggle" settings optimize buy and sell ranges for maximum profit potential.

Tens of thousands of students have completed Grid Bot Gold, and many are still actively trading through bear and bull markets, proving the system's consistency despite crypto volatility.

All of our programs open up for short periods of enrollment, and then close down shortly after, as we usher in and support our new wave of students. This program will open up again in the future, but if you're interested in learning more...

Scale Trading

Our Second Program  ·  Trade 'Horseshoe' Patterns With Advanced AI

In late 2022, Dan Hollings flipped the script again with his newest course: Scale Trading.

While Grid Bot Gold profits from volatility, Scale Trading targets precision. This method searches for "horseshoe" patterns that often occur in the crypto market. These patterns identify a unique opportunity to "buy the dip" in a more sustainable, automated way.

Dan's training shares how to identify these "horseshoe" patterns, trade them with artificial intelligence, and how to do so without gambling, or watching charts all day.

There are built-in safety nets that minimize risk, while automation handles much of the trading once configured.

Early testing shows Scale Trading is on pace to become our most popular training course yet.

Just as we do with Grid Bot Gold, this program opens up for short periods of enrollment and then closes down shortly after. This program will open up again in the future, but if you're interested in learning more...

Artificial Intelligence

Our Third Program  ·  Generate Multiple Streams Of Income Using AI

In 2023, Dan Hollings & the team ventured outside of the crypto industry with their first training on artificial intelligence.

The Plan: Artificial Intelligence is a best-in-class training program that shares how anyone can harness the newfound power of artificial intelligence to create multiple streams of income from home.

From large language models to AI-driven design, this newest program was a massive success amongst our early groups of BETA members.

This program will officialy release in the near future. If you're interested in learning more...

More Than Just Courses. Real Value for Real People.

We hope this overview provided a glimpse into The Plan and how we empower our students through high-end, heart-first educational training programs.

Whether you're a complete beginner or a seasoned veteran, our mission remains the same:

Equipping YOU with the skills and support needed to achieve your goals.

We realize you have plenty of options out there. But few take our personalized, student-first approach.

After all, flashy sales pages are easy. Delivering life-changing value is hard.
The Plan chooses the uphill path... because your success means our success.

This mentality permeates through our small, tight-knit team. We treat members like family, not transactions.

That's why we close membership - to keep our class sizes small as we provide A+ support to our new members.

When you join The Plan family, just know that we'll be right there cheering you on each step of the way.

Thank you again for taking the time to visit our website and explore what we offer.

We know you have many choices. And we hope one day to earn your trust.

Until then, may your success grow steadily as you continue diligently forward.

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